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The award-winning Sacramento Bee is one of the largest and most established companies in the Sacramento Region. We have continually evolved by implementing the latest technology and use of innovation in news coverage and products that are nationally recognized as the industry leader. The Bee is proud to watch the powerful, save time and money, share interesting information, and create connections on a daily basis with the community. The Bee's continued success in the ever-changing media field can be directly credited to our talented, creative, dedicated and forward-thinking employees.

The Bee, an equal opportunity employer, provides a work environment that celebrates and rewards teamwork, quality, and diversity. We are committed to being a trusted and valued source of news and information to the communities we serve. We welcome people who are ready to meet new and exciting challenges that will take The Bee to the next level in the media industry. The Bee seeks to hire the best and brightest and offers a competitive and comprehensive array of employee benefits.

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