Be Water Smart

Be Water Smart News is a fun and exciting educational program designed to help students understand the importance of water. For contest information and rules, go here. Contest entries due April 30.

Living Rivers

The Living Rivers of the Sacramento Valley, a 20-page student supplement explains the importance of rivers to us and our region. Rivers provide habitat for many plants and animals. Through their periodic floods, rivers provide rich valley soils. People depend on rivers as a source of food, drinking water, transportation, hydroelectric power and irrigation for agricultural fields. People also use rivers for recreational activities and inspiration. For grades 7-12. Download your copy here!

What's Growin' On?

"What's Growin' On?" is an exciting educational project that helps students discover the ways agriculture impacts their daily lives. This year's is theme is "Under the California Sun". This edition will teach students about California grown raisins, artichokes, dairy, potatoes, seed crops, invasive species, nutrition and exercise, and much more. Download your copy today! [READ MORE]

A Lunar Tetrad for Tax Day

It is the first of a series of four lunar eclipses that will grace the night sky over the next year and all of them will be visible across North America. This week, invite your people to gaze up at the night sky. But first, revisit the science of the night sky. What conditions create a lunar eclipse and why are they special? [READ MORE]

2013-2014 Classroom Subscription

Click here to order the online edition of The Bee. Keep your students connected to our community and the world with the e-Electronic edition (e-Edition) of The Sacramento Bee. The e-Edition is an exact replica of the newspaper that is delivered to you and your students electronically. Best of all, they can log on and read The Bee from any computer, laptop or tablet, whether at school or at home. Educational subscriptions are available to all classroom teachers at no cost. [READ MORE]

About Media in Education

The Bee's Media in Education (M.I.E.) program is a cooperative effort between schools, the community and The Sacramento Bee. The goal of M.I.E. is to: (1) educate, inform and inspire, (2) provide educational resources to classroom teachers, and (3) provide learning opportunities that engage students. M.I.E. encourages lifelong learning through the use of The Bee's electronic news and information services, and other community educational resources. The M.I.E. program provides e-Edition subscriptions to teachers, special projects based on important themes, lesson plans, and innovative activities relevant to students and teachers in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. M.I.E. is The Bee's online classroom and your partner for success.

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