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Published: Monday, Mar. 12, 2007
Updated: Thursday, May. 9, 2013 - 12:38 pm

The Bee's opinion pages serve as a forum for discussion of issues important to the city, region, state, nation and world. From Monday through Saturday, The Bee publishes the opinion pages on the two pages inside the back cover of the A section. The left-hand page, which bears the large label "Opinion," is commonly referred to as the Editorial Page. The right-hand page, which bears the label "Viewpoints," is commonly called the Op-Ed page (because it is opposite the editorial page).

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Sacramento, CA 95852

To submit a letter to the editor, click here. For information on submitting Op-Eds, click here.

Contact the Opinion Pages

  • Stuart Leavenworth, Editorial Page Editor: 916-321-1185
  • Dan Morain, Senior Editor: 916-321-1907,
    Writes about: State government and politics
  • Ginger Rutland, Associate Editor: 916-321-1917
    Writes about: Courts, police, social services, transportation and air pollution
  • Pia Lopez, Associate Editor: 916-321-1904
    Writes about: Education, law enforcement, end-of-life issues, arts, women's & children's issues, international affairs, trade and development
  • Foon Rhee, Associate Editor: 916-321-1913
    Writes about: Local affairs and politics
  • Gary Reed, Forum Editor and letters: 916-321-1909