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Keep your students connected to our community and the world with the electronic edition (e-Edition) of The Sacramento Bee. The e-Edition is an exact replica of the newspaper that is delivered to you and your students electronically. Best of all, they can log on and read The Bee from any computer, laptop or tablet, whether at school or at home.

You and your students will have full access to our area’s local news and information with the e-Edition as well as enjoy features such as quick searches, access a 30-day archive and the ability to save favorite articles.

There are also lessons, teacher guides and educational resources available at our Media in Education (M.I.E.) web site to help you plan your lessons while using the online newspaper. We have teacher guides in all subject areas and for all grade levels.

Educational subscriptions are available to all classroom teachers at no cost. The Sacramento Bee’s Vacation Donation program (funded by Bee subscribers) and The Bee’s Education Fund (funded by area businesses and nonprofit organizations) sponsor your participation. Simply click the red link below and complete the online order form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the e-Edition and the print edition?

    The electronic edition, also called the "e-Edition," is an exact replica of the print edition, except in an easy-to-read digital format. The e-Edition is laid out just like the print edition of the paper; it includes the same news, photographs and illustrations.

2. Is there a video that shows how to navigate the e-Edition?

    We have a two minute video that shows new readers how to navigate the e-Edition (also called the online newspaper). Click here to to watch the video.

3. How do I access the e-Edition?

    You and your students can access the e-Edition on any computer, laptop or tablet. It's easy if you follow these three steps ... (1) Go to the login page at www.sacbee.com/mielogin, (2) Select your school and enter your password (which is found on the teacher verification letter you received in the mail); and (3) Click "Computer" or "Tablet" and the online newspaper will open.

4. Can I read the e-Edition from any computer, or just computers at school?

    In case you want to give your students a homework assignment that requires a newspaper, it is okay for your students to login from their home computers, laptops and tablets. Have them follow the same instructions in the previous answer.

5. Does it matter whether I have broadband or a dial up Internet connection?

    No, but dial-up is slower. We recommend using a broadband connection for the best connectivity and enjoyment.

6. Are the advertising inserts available in the e-Edition?

    ROP advertising (ads that appear next to news stories) are in the e-Edition. Inserts like Parade magazine and the comics are also included in the e-Edition. The advertising inserts not in the e-Edition may be found at www.sacbee.com/findnsave.

7. What are my options when viewing a story?

    You can view an e-Edition story two ways. "Newspaper View" displays the story just as it appears in the newspaper, with columns and photos in place. "Quick View" is a plain text view of the story and photos. You can e-mail or print the story in either mode.

8. Can articles, photos, crossword puzzles and comics be printed?

    Yes, simply click on the item you want to print, and select the printer icon of the toolbar.

9. Do I need special software when viewing the e-Edition?

    Special software is not needed. The e-Edition works fine on nearly all browsers.

10. Who can I call if I have more questions?

    Please contact Sheila at (916) 321-1784 or mie@sacbee.com for more help.

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